New Website, New Shop, Lots of NEW….

I FINALLY have the website in “good enough shape” that I am comfortable sharing. I must say, technology sometimes overwhelms me and it sucks – mainly because I’m Not That Old…. I’m working on improving that though. AND, with the new format of the website and switching to WordPress with Blog posts and other great features – I love that it is relatively easy to update the site and regularly add new features and updates. This is definitely still a work in progress, but I am very excited to keep learning more and sharing more.

Another great improvement has been “hiring” Eric Buckman of Buckman Photography. For the past month or so he has been managing the social media front as well as doing some AMAZING photography. Be sure to check us out on the Social Media front to stay up to date. Social media is definitely one of the areas I was previously lacking in, but Eric has certainly created a solid foundation for us to grow. I am really excited and looking forward to even more great work. Please check out his page and show him your support over on Facebook at Buckman Photography – definitely a lot of amazing work.

The new shop is definitely coming along. Last week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) I removed old hap-hazard drywall and re insulated as well as recovered and painted the front wall. Then on Saturday – friends, Dave Z. and Buckman, came to the shop and together we made quick work of the demolition, insulation, and re-covering the side wall (this is the “house side front section” where the Miter saw station will be.). I have been painting that section this week. I plan to be putting the shop back together Friday and back to work on some projects I am really looking forward to.

More Great News

I have been wanting to expand and accept new people – as interns and apprentices. The opportunity starts as an internship. This provides a “trial period” for both the intern and myself, to see if this is a good fit. As an intern you would learn proper safety procedures of the shop and the basics of using various tools and equipment. As you prove your work ethic and willingness to learn, you will be exposed to more responsibilities in the shop. This would last for no less than 30 days to provide a solid time frame for improvement and evaluation. I’m not looking for critical criticisms, but rather the type of person and their approach. I’m more concerned with the quality of the person, not so much their skills or experience – those things will come over time. Provided the internship goes well for both of us, the next step is a paid apprenticeship.

This is definitely something that I am really excited about. Not only increasing the production of the shop – but more importantly helping others to achieve their goals and to encourage a passion for woodworking, design, fabrication, community outreach….

More about this topic in a future post about “The Vision”.

Many new things coming and lots to get excited about.