New Product Update – A collaboration – Shout Out to an Amazing Local Business

In a recent collaboration with One More Loved Tables – we are proud to be offering this new product line. These Rustic Industrial Beauties will definitely add some personality to any space.

We worked together with Andrew and One More Loved Table’s Zack, to combine an older idea with a new design. The table tops would be the same design as the PLLD Table (Table built for and featured in Peace Love and Little Donuts Monroeville, PA) – But with something different and definitely unique as the base. None of us could have imagined just how awesome it would look when they were assembled…..amazing. The pictures may not show the beauty, but they truly are AWESOME in person. Job well done.

One More Loved Tables is an amazing company – owned and operated by a truly amazing family. Zack and Lauren Blair started the business as a way to help fund adoptions, and they do it with every table they sell. As if owning a business doesn’t make your life crazy busy enough – that’s not the whole story. Zack is has been a pastor for many years, and Zack and Lauren are currently Planting a Church. Being a pastor is a busy life, and Planting a Church magnifies that beyond belief. On top of their regularly scheduled programming – having an amazing family, pastoral ministry, missionary and outreach work, Church Planting, adopting, and the normal everyday life – They are running a business and reaching out to others to help fund adoptions across the board. AMAZING!!

Several months ago I had the pleasure of meeting with Zack. He had visited PLLD and appreciated our table there. We discussed several things including our businesses and where we each would like to go with them. He told me the story behind his company One More Loved Tables and I immediately wanted to help in any way that I can. We discussed the ideas and plans for a new product line featuring my table tops and a Threaded Pipe Base. I love to bend the rules and make things different than the norm – so I was all in.

These Tables are currently available (and pictured) in three sizes. 3′ x 6′, 4′ x 4′, and a massive 4.5′ x 10′.

I build the table tops to the dimensions needed. At the same time, Andrew was making the bases at his shop location. The build process of the table tops was no small feat. The two “smaller” tops weigh in the neighborhood of 200-300 pounds each. So when I say “smaller” I mean that they are smaller than the big boy. The 10 foot table top needed to be 54″ wide. As this style of top is  actually several boards (on end) joined together, they become extremely heavy very quickly. After a little bit of math, I determined that the 10 foot table top would weigh in the neighborhood of 500-600 pounds – That’s a lot to move around (not only in my shop while making it, but more importantly for the installation). So, we decided to make it a two-piece top. Even still, each half is approximately 300 pounds.

Needless to say, the build process was a little challenging – but it was definitely worth it. I do need to give a shout out and a THANK YOU to my wife, AMY, for her help with these table tops. She has always been there to help and I think this time was the hardest. She not only helped to maneuver the tops in the shop, but she then helped with the task of carrying and loading into the truck for delivery. So, Thank You AMY!!!!

These tables are available for order, and if you are looking for a different size – or maybe a different base design – or maybe you want one of the sizes listed. Contact us and we can get started on your order. With every order of one of these tables, WE WILL BE DONATING TO ONE MORE LOVED TABLES and your purchase goes a long way in helping to fund adoptions.

Go check out One More Loved Tables and show your support by liking their page. I am excited and looking forward to working more with Zack and his team, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you along the way.