Started with Organization and finished the day with a Beautifully Distressed Saber [Handle]

I started the day with the intentions of working on more shop organization and ended up with another great turning project. Long story short, I wanted to turn something to start the day off and decided to blend two endeavors together for today’s video. Click HERE to check it out!

I posted earlier today, well technically yesterday…. that I would be improving the Lathe and the surrounding area. With the addition of the Lathe, I was forced to clean the shop to make the space available. And, now that the Lathe is set up and I’ve been using it, the tools and equipment associated with the Lathe – well, they’ve taken over my work bench and it has become rather difficult to find space to complete other projects. So, I needed to find (or make) a place for everything related to the Lathe.

I want to make some [more] permanent storage solutions, but I’m limited at the moment. The wall behind the Lathe is still the original drywal that was in the whole shop when I first moved in. I’ve redone the back, front and other side wall – but I still need to strip and recover / insulate this final wall. I don’t want to attach anything else to the wall until I do get it redone – in the event that I add any additional lighting, electrical boxes, switches, etc…. I want to get all of the essentials onto the wall and then determine the placement and availability of wall space for more future improvements.

So, for now I decided to add a temporary storage solution. 

The stand of the Lathe is open and also provides for the easy addition of a shelf along the horizontal support rails. I also wanted to limit the dust and lathe debris that may collect on this new shelf. I enclosed the shelf area on three sides using corrugated plastic. Just like any other Lathe, the Bed is split with an opening in the middle running the length of the lathe. (This is a “T-Slot” for the tail stock and tool rest to move along) I needed to block off the under side of this channel to prevent dust and chips from spilling onto the shelf. I added another piece along the space and through to the back side, and then secured everything in place using tape. This is only a temporary solution and I will improve this later in time.

The second part of my video features the Light Saber Handle. I’m still not sure of what [you] may call it. Hilt? Handle? I really need to look this up…. I turned it earlier in the day, as I said before. And decided to share my adventure and exploration in weathering and distressing a “prop”.

Using files/rasps and various other items, I distressed the piece while thinking about what may have happened. Perhaps this Saber belonged to a Sith Lord (not recorded in Star Wars History) who had an appreciation for quality craftsmanship…. Or perhaps he was a Sith Woodturner…… He liked to keep track of his fallen foes by inscribing his handle with a counter. The handle features some additional wear and tear such as saber strikes and normal every day intergalactic dirt and grime. Maybe this was found at the scene of an ancient battle between Good and Evil…. This was a fun exploration and adventure into the dark recesses of my imagination.

Thank you for joining me today in my shop. I also tried something new with today’s video – voice over. It was a great way to help me talk less, while still saying more.

Don’t forget, Tomorrow January 10 I will be officially announcing the giveaway. The mallet from yesterday’s video. I want to thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement. I will see you tomorrow for another daily video. Tomorrow we will be refinishing a vanity, or at least starting the endeavor.

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