January 2018 Mallet Giveaway

Thank you for your continued support as we work to grow the business. This Month’s Giveaway is the first of many as we want you to know that we value your support and encouragement along the way. On Monday we released our first video of the year. In that video, we turned a Maple and Cherry Mallet. I, for one, Love the grain and figure that was revealed and I am excited to be able to share this with the winner of this giveaway.

January 2018 Turned Mallet Giveaway


(Note: There is no video for Wednesday January 10 2018 or Thursday January 11 2018. We are currently working on stripping and refinishing a Vanity along with some other smaller projects. We DO NOT want to post a video simply for the sake of posting a video. We will be posting a video tomorrow morning Friday January 12. As you may have noticed, our videos have been posted in the middle of the night and that has run us off schedule as far as “managing our time”. We are back on track and we will be back with the Daily videos tomorrow.)

The Mallet is a way of us sharing our progress and successes with you. We are always working hard to grow our skills and abilities – by exploring new endeavors in the spectrum of “Making Stuff.” Adding a Wood Lathe to the shop has been a dream for a very long time, and we were finally able to do that this year. With the addition of the new equipment came the necessity to learn new skills. And as we learn new skills, we make projects to refine our skills and continue to improve. Though this Mallet is a “simple” project, it is a material representation of skills learned and dedication. Yes, we are giving this Mallet to one lucky winner – but more importantly, we are sharing our journey with you.

As the new year approached, many of us probably decided to set a New Year’s Resolution. And for most of us, we’ve already started to lapse…. It’s not a criticism, just the truth that it’s hard to break old habits and form new (sometimes radical) habits and actions. Instead of a Resolution, we decided to make a firm plan for action. We will post Daily (or nearly Daily) videos to share what is going on in the shop – whether we are working on single project, or maybe there are several things happening – you can step into our world and live a day in our shop. We also are posting daily to our Facebook and Instagram pages. We know that you want to see cool images of the behind the scenes stuff and our progress throughout a project. Along with all of that we are doing Daily Blog Posts. We will recap our day and describe a few things in more detail.

We are giving this everything we’ve got and we are so very excited to share it all with you along the way. As we continue to grow our business we are going to face many new and exciting/terrifying decisions and possibilities. We are going to have successes and failures. Celebrations and disappointments. And we want you to be there with us as we experience it all.

Please let us know what you think of our content along the way. Let us know by commenting on our videos or our posts on social media. Sometimes what we think is cool or interesting, might actually be confusing or uninteresting. (sometimes JD  geeks out a little too much and he needs to be reeled in, both for his safety and everyone’s sanity….) We want to share EVERYTHING with you. However, sometimes (like today) we would rather wait to share a video so that we know we are sharing quality content. I would rather that we not post a video (even though we are striving for daily vids) versus just posting a video with random content just because we want to post a video. There will be days that videos are not posted, but that just means we are working hard to ensure that we are offering something you WANT to watch. We want to provide content that offers some educational or informative quality, rather than just filler material of our day. You will see what we’ve done on these “video-less” days, just with more actual content and substance.

Thank you for stopping by today and we look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow. Have a great day!!

We are more than just a wood shop – and we want to share our story and our vision with you.