If you’ve been following our journey over the past few years (on Facebook, Instagram or locally) you may have picked up a little bit about Our Vision and our goals. I, JD, have promised to share more, and that is exactly what this post is about. I am a woodworker and a maker – And I have been for the majority of my life. It started back in my childhood in my Dad’s workshop. My
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We are very happy to [finally] announce our Beeswax Finishes. Not only are we launching our Signature Series, but we are giving away 20 (twenty) FREE samples – more on that later… First, I (JD) want to share a little bit of a back story, and why we are giving away these free samples. We made our first “batch” ever approximately a year and a half ago. It was in preparation of a craft show,
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Thank you for your continued support as we work to grow the business. This Month’s Giveaway is the first of many as we want you to know that we value your support and encouragement along the way. On Monday we released our first video of the year. In that video, we turned a Maple and Cherry Mallet. I, for one, Love the grain and figure that was revealed and I am excited to be able
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I started the day with the intentions of working on more shop organization and ended up with another great turning project. Long story short, I wanted to turn something to start the day off and decided to blend two endeavors together for today’s video. Click HERE to check it out! I posted earlier today, well technically yesterday…. that I would be improving the Lathe and the surrounding area. With the addition of the Lathe, I
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This is fantastic. I have been waiting / putting this off for soooo long. Videos, I mean. I have wanted to post videos, but I was also waiting for it to be perfect. Better camera, cleaner shop, more experience with camera, the best software/lighting/this and that….. The thing about perfection is that it’s unattainable and it’s important to remember that. After all, we’re only human…. Click Here to watch Today’s Video!!! So, today’s video featured
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Over the weekend I attended the 2017 Penn Hills Parks and Recreation (20th) Annual Holiday Craft Show at Linton Middle School. I was extremely excited to attend this year, and I even made a new piece specifically for this show. I have made several additions to the inventory, compared to my first appearance at the show last year. As you will see in the picture above, the table was FULL of items – but a
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I’ve always had an interest and appreciation for Slab Furniture. I’ve started with a simple google search on the topic, and an hour later I find myself trapped in a rabbit hole of awe. OK, maybe not that bad – but it’s definitely awesome to see a massive chunk of tree exposed as a table, shelf, bench or even a door. The possibilities are truly endless, and I’ve decided to dive down further and make
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When you hear “Slab Furniture” you may be wondering what exactly that means. If you’re a woodworker you know exactly what that is – but generally speaking it can be a very broad subject. And as far as making Slab Furniture, one can take many different approaches in many different directions. For the purpose of this article, I will be talking about Plain sawn slabs being used to make furniture. (Plain sawn, or plainsawn, is
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In a recent collaboration with One More Loved TablesĀ – we are proud to be offering this new product line. These Rustic Industrial Beauties will definitely add some personality to any space. We worked together with Andrew and One More Loved Table’s Zack, to combine an older idea with a new design. The table tops would be the same design as the PLLD Table (Table built for and featured in Peace Love and Little Donuts Monroeville,
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This is a big announcement and I am extremely excited to announce that the collaboration with Look Ahead Media is now available. These have been in the works for about a month. Featuring unique images of metal working / welding done in the shop, trimmed with wood and framed with either Aged Raw Steel or a Brushed Metal Finish. The Brushed Metal Finish is sleek and classy with an accent of the wood frame, drawing
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